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Why Woof Me


We only use positive reinforcement and reward-based methods in our lessons, because we want the best result for you. Those techniques are being scientifically proven to be the most effective ones.


When we’re working with a dog, the only thing we have on priority, is their psychology and well-being. We care about you and your dog and the most valuable reward for us, is your satisfaction.


We are always available to help you if you come up against any problems. We love talking and discussing your thoughts with you and we will do our best to find the best suitable solution.

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“I was very pleased with Woof Me, Artemis has excellent canine knowledge, a friendly manner and clearly loves dogs. Her advice was very practical and very useful. I would gladly recommend Artemis fo…”
7th May 2022
“We chose Woof Me because of the tailored one-on-one service provided by Artemis. This approach was invaluable, particularly with our very active and intelligent young puppy. The whole approach wor…”
22nd Jun 2022
“Artemis was a brilliant dog trainer – we found the one to one classes with her really informative, helpful and enjoyable. She was really kind to Sammy (my little Yorkshire Terrier), and he loved he…”
19th Sep 2022

What is Positive Dog Training

Positive reinforcement in dog training is a method based exclusively on rewards.

It is highly opposed to the use of force and punishment, which means that it does not apply prong/shock/electric collars, chock chains, leash yanking or any other technique designed to cause fear to the dog.

It is considered a modern, enjoyable and entertaining way to teach your dog right manners, new cues, improve behaviours and resolve any unwanted habits.

The main reason that all trainers choose to work with rewards is because we can teach the dog whatever we want without causing any discomfort to him and because the rewards always make the behaviour more likely to be repeated in the future resulting to a very solid habit.

As we all work and get paid for it, our dog must be rewarded every time he does something desirable for us.

Here are some benefits of why you should pick positive reinforcement for your dog:

  • Creates trust between you and your beloved friend.
  • It’s a fun way to teach new cues.
  • It gives the dog the opportunity to learn without being afraid.
  • It’s easy and safe to apply.
  • Children can participate.
  • The results last longer.
  • The dog learns because he wants to and not because he is being forced to.
  • Method that works for all breeds and all kind of temperaments.

Positive reinforcement in dog training is considered the best way to build a strong bond and a long-lasting trust between you and your dog.

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