About Us

Woof Me | For the Happiest Dog Ever

Woof Me was founded in Greece in 2014 and started operating in Dublin in 2019, by Artemis Gourgouli. We are specializing in dog obedience training and behaviour.

Our main goal is to build a strong bond and trust between the owner and the dog. Having over 5 years of experience, we're confident to say we are able to teach you how to be a responsible dog owner, doing the best for your furry friend.

In our website, you will find the following:

Our Way of Training

As we consider dogs to be equal members of the whole family, we want to create a nice, happy and calm environment around owners and dogs.

In order to achieve this, we use only modern, force-free and positive techniques that make the learning process fun for all the participants.

Our way of training doesn't include any punishment or traditional tools (such as choke chains, prong or shock collars etc.) because they tend to cause stress, anxiety and discomfort to the dog's training process and well-being.

Instead, we always use and recommend to everyone the following:

  • Food
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Clicker
  • Harness
  • 6ft Leash
  • Verbal Praise
  • Pet & Stroke
  • Happy Voice
  • Enticing Body Posture

About Artemis Gourgouli

My passion for dogs started since I was a little girl. My decision to get involved in dog training was first taken when I met a naughty boxer puppy that was not properly socialized and she was struggling to control her impulses every time she encountered people or dogs. So, I decided to enrol in dog training seminars where I had to work with many kinds of dogs and puppies in order to gain experience.

My course required a full dedication and study as well as loads of essays in dog training and behaviour field. After I finished my course, I immediately started working with dogs providing in-home sessions. I mostly train dogs in basic obedience but I have also worked with behaviour issues such as reactivity, fearfulness, aggression towards people or animals.

I have invested a lot of time in studying and learning about dogs' body language and communication because I feel that this is the most important part for someone to know. I have attended many seminars throughout the past years regarding dog aggression, cohabitation, hypersensitivity, basic obedience and canine first aid responding.

I have also been a volunteer in shelters taking care of stray dogs and cats and helping them find a home.

Memberships, Courses & Seminars


  • 2 Day Career as a Dog Trainer by IMDT
  • 4 Day Practical Instructor Course by IMDT
  • Instruction Skills Course by AniEd
  • Canine CPR First Responder Course by Lily's 4 Paws