Dog's Age Calculator

Want to know your dog's age? Woof Me created just for you a simple but useful- easy-to-use calculator that can calculate your dog's age- in no time!


Dog owners have always been curious to know what age their pets are compared to people. This is a natural desire: everyone knows that the person's courageous friendship with his dog will not last forever, and it is known that the life of dogs is shorter.

There is an old myth that most people believe in, that claims that one year of a dog equals seven "human years". This calculation is done because the life expectancy of an average person is roughly seven times that of an average dog, so this calculation is not unfounded.

However, things must be put down. Not every dog is "average," so this figure does not apply to all dogs. Larger animals tend to die sooner than smaller ones. Also, following the improvement in the medical services (both dogs and human beings), life expectancy increased.

A new table consisting of the American Animal Hospital Association lists the numbers more accurately when it divides the dogs into six different types — from small to large. The accurate calculation of the dog's age can be beneficial in many ways.

First, just like people, the age of the dog affects the choice of food. Does your dog need more vitamins? meat? protein? all the answers can be given with answering another question: what is your dog's weight and age?

Second, knowing the age of your four-legged friend can be beneficial for veterinary care in animals, and help understand at what stage of life they are. So the next time you go to a vet, it's a good idea to talk about the stage of life in which they are, and the recommendations for this particular stage.

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