Heat Cushion

Heat Cushion

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Heat Cushion for puppies or anxious dogs

The Rosewood natural snuggle heat cushion is a soft design that can provide warmth to puppies and small dogs .
Since birth, puppies rely on their mother and litter mates to find warmth and comfort. Bringing a new puppy home will make them feel anxious, lonely and confused but this heat comforter will encourage them to relax and sleep quietly.

Simply heat it in the microwave on low for a maximum of 30 seconds and place it near the puppy. If you use a crate or a play pen, make sure you place the cushion in a corner so the puppy will be able to move away if they feel overheated.

  • Snuggle and comforting toy
  • Not a chew toy
  • Great for puppies and small dogs
  • Contains buckwheat shells
  • Don’t overheat
  • Size 20cm / 8″
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