Waterproof Long Lead

Waterproof Long Lead

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This training lead is  perfect for all weathers and is going to make your and your dog’s walking outdoor activities way easier and more enjoyable!

The 9.2m long lead is made of PVC coated waterproof webbing which makes it completely water resistant, dirt-proof and lightweight. This material allows the lead to not absorb any water and not become heavy when it gets wet.

It can easily be wiped with wet cloth, it won’t leave any bad smells and it will also keep the bacteria away.

This waterproof long lead is very strong and durable and has been tested in a lot of different types of breeds including labrador retrievers, samoyeds and alaskan malamutes.
It also provides a comfortable and secure handle so you are ready to control your dog anytime.
This is the ideal lead for all the adventurous and sporty dogs and owners out there!

Why do you need a long lead:

  • To help you with the recall obedience training
  • To give your dog more freedom to explore
  • To let your dog run having them under control
  • To provide yourself with more flexibility
  • To bring your dog for hiking or other outdoor adventures

What to look for when using a long line:

  • Before you use it in real life, make sure you know how to handle it (nice & useful tutorial can be seen here )
  • Be vigilant on your surroundings as the lead can get tangled in peoples or dogs’ feet and cause damage
  • Don’t let your dog run full speed and hit the end of the lead as this can hurt them
  • Always attach the long lead at the back of the harness for a secure fit

Key features of our waterproof long training line

  • 9.2 meters length
  • 1.3 cm width
  • 2.5 mm depth
  • Waterproof, stink-proof
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong and flexible
  • Smooth surface, unlikely to cause any skin burns or get caught to branches
  • Anti-bacterial & mould-resistant
  • Secure hand loop
  • Available in Orange & Yellow colours

This lead needs to be added to your dog’s walking gear!



Orange, Yellow

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