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Here is a wide variety of toys and treat dispensers that will satisfy every need of your dog.
Toys are an important and vital aspect of a dog’s life that is why we need to provide as many as possible in different sizes, shapes, textures, materials and purpose.
Most dogs have been bred to perform a task, so giving them a job to do will keep them satisfied. However, even companion dogs will be happy enough to put their brain in to work.
Toys can provide a lot of chewing, chasing, playing, sniffing and thinking to dogs. That in turn, can give them a feeling of satisfaction, improve their learning skills and ability, reduce stress and anxiety, prevent boredom and other behavioural issues such as excessive barking, destructive behaviour, biting etc
Studies have shown that 20 minutes of mental stimulation equals 1 hour of physical exercise! So, don’t wait any longer, scroll down to check our products.

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