Urban Canine - Advanced Obedience Training


280 €


6 x 1 hour

This plan is recommended for puppies over 6 months old or adult dogs.

Fancy a really challenging plan for you and your dog? The most useful and important commands in just 1 plan. This is considered an advanced dog training package but the result won't disappoint you at all.

Your dog will be able to perform many commands and also 1 trick of your choice for FREE!

In this plan you will learn:

  • All the commands and benefits from Gentle Doggy.
  • Recall: Make them come back to you around many distractions and environments.
  • Go to Bed: Show them the way of going into their bed and make your life easier if you wish to bring visitors home.
  • Leave It: Make them resist a temptation by teaching them to leave something alone.
  • Watch Me: Teach your dog to make eye contact with you and use it whenever you want them to ignore any distractions.
  • 1 Free Trick of the following:
    • Weave (Around Legs): Performing a figure 8 between your legs
    • Spin: Doing a 360 degree turn around them in either direction!

If you want to create your own plan and build it matching it with your budget, try our Custom Plan Builder.

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