Gentle Doggy - Basic Obedience Training


130 €


3 x 1 hour

This plan is recommended for puppies over 4 months old or adult dogs.

Here is a small plan that includes some basic commands a dog needs to know. Teach your puppy to be gentle and make them listen to you at any time while at home or out for a walk.

By training your dog in these commands, your daily routine will become trouble-free and you will both be able to have an enjoyable walk.

Introduce your pooch some essential commands and build a strong relationship between you and your dog.

In this plan you will learn:

  • Sit: Teach them to sit in many kinds of environments and situations, such as meeting someone out.
  • Down: Teach them how to lie down as a way to keep them relaxed and under control.
  • Stay: Teach them to stay and help them control their impulses.
  • Loose Leash Walking: Go out for a walk without pulling on the leash.

Having a dog who wants to listen to you in a distracting (or not) environment is critical for the relationship between you two and its also important to prevent or avoid many unfortunate incidents.

Is your puppy younger than 4 months old? Consider Socializing your puppy before proceeding to this plan.

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