Gentle Doggy - Basic Obedience Training

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120 €


2 x 1 hour

This Plan Includes

Sit Down Stay Loose Leash Walking

This plan is recommended for puppies over 4 months old or adult dogs.

Here is a small plan that includes some basic commands a dog needs to know. Teach your puppy to be gentle and make them listen to you at any time while at home or out for a walk.

By training your dog in these commands, your daily routine will become trouble-free and you will both be able to have an enjoyable walk.

Introduce your pooch some essential commands and build a strong relationship between you and your dog.

In this plan you will learn:

  • Sit: Teach them to sit in many kinds of environments and situations, such as meeting someone out.
  • Down: Teach them how to lie down as a way to keep them relaxed and under control.
  • Stay: Teach them to stay and help them control their impulses.
  • Loose Leash Walking: Go out for a walk without pulling on the leash.

Having a dog who wants to listen to you in a distracting (or not) environment is critical for the relationship between you two and its also important to prevent or avoid many unfortunate incidents.

Is your puppy younger than 4 months old? Consider Socializing your puppy before proceeding to this plan.

Add in this plan:

  • NOTES: You can include having the notes delivered to your e-mail after each lesson for €20 per plan. Each file will contain a detailed report in everything discussed on the lesson plus advice and tips that will be given to you especially for your dog.
  • GENERALIZATION: This simply means that any behaviours learned at home need to be practiced in different situations, locations and environments with distractions around in order for a behaviour to be considered well trained. By choosing this option, we will help you to gradually raise the difficulty of the environment so that you always set your dog up for success and get reliable and long-lasting results.


    1. Practice the training cues together at your local park or neighborhood.
    2. 1 more lesson added to your plan
    3. Only €50 (same amount for any subsequent lesson of 1 hour)

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