Cheerful Pup - Puppy Training


130 €


3 x 1 hour

This Plan Includes

Socialization Handling Exercises Toilet Training Nipping Separation Anxiety Jumping Up Resource Guarding

This plan is suitable for puppies between 2-4 months old (maximum).

Puppy Socialization, Handling Exercises and Preventing Behavioural Issues are 3 of the most important things when comes to raise a puppy into a confident and well-behaved adult dog.

Owning a puppy that is calm and friendly, will result to an enjoyable and happy daily routine.

In this plan you will learn:

  • Socialization: Socialize your puppy and make them fearless against all kinds of environments (e.g noises, animals, sights, people).
  • Handling Exercises: Teach your dog to be calm and comfortable whenever being handled (e.g grooming, vet examination, accidental inappropriate handling).
  • We will cover and address some occurring or future problems such as:
    • Toilet Training: Get some useful tips on how you can teach your puppy to only potty outside your home.
    • Puppy Nipping: Puppies nip, and it's painful. We will advise you which is the right way to address this annoying behaviour.
    • Separation Anxiety: It's important to train your puppy to enjoy staying alone at home as soon as possible.
    • Jumping Up: It's cute when he is still a puppy, but what about when he grows up?
    • Resource Guarding: We will show you some simple exercises so that your puppy won't feel the need to guard any resources.

Puppies at this age are capable of absorbing a large amount of information like sponges, so being trained at this part of their lives is critical.

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