Remote Dog Training Lessons

This plan is suitable for any kind of advice.

Distant Stranger

1 session

    • 1 hr/session
    • Remote Lessons

100% proven to be effective for receiving tips and advice


This is a great opportunity for you to save money, time and effort.

The on line lessons have proven to be very successful and efficient last year and have helped a lot of dog owners in a number of issues.

You don’t have to get dressed and prepare your family and your dog for the appointment with the trainer, you don’t have to spend time in traffic or drive far away and of course you don’t have to pay extra money for an in-person lesson.

Our affordable on line consultation lasts approximately 1 hour and costs 40€

During this hour, we will discuss any problems you may have with your dog and you are free to ask anything that really concerns you. We will address these issues by providing the best solutions we can and by making sure you are satisfied and happy with them.

Before you decide if you want to go ahead with us, we will do an on line free meet & greet where we will have the chance to get to know each other, discuss the problems and identify your final goals. This meeting lasts approximately 20-30 minutes.


If you have any questions about our remote lessons, we will be happy to help you via email, text or phone calls.


  • The cost of each lesson needs to be paid upfront. You will be sent a link at your e-mail that will get you directly to the payment page.
  • You will need to have a laptop/tablet/smartphone and be able to position it in a steady furniture by making sure that you and your dog are both in the frame.
  • The sessions will be held via Ring Central app. You will be sent a link to your e-mail address prior to our lesson that will take you directly to our meeting. We are also willing to accommodate other means of on line meetings according to your needs.
  • Already-paid services are non-refundable; we will, however, offer the option of rescheduling at a later date convenient for both parties.

Build Your Custom Plan

Find the cues of your interest and match them with your budget.

Artemis Gourgouli
Artemis Gourgouli


About the Trainer

My passion for dogs started since I was a little girl. My decision to get involved in dog training was first taken when I met a naughty boxer puppy that was not properly socialized and she was struggling to control her impulses. Now, with over 5 years of experience, I mainly train dogs in basic obedience but I’ve also worked with behaviour issues such as reactivity, fearfulness and aggression towards people and animals.
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