Silver Puppy Plan

This plan is suitable for puppies between 2-4 months old (maximum).

3 sessions

    • 1 hr/session
    • Socialization
    • Toilet Training
    • Puppy Nipping
    • Preventing Separation Anxiety
    • Preventing Resource Guarding
    • Jumping up
    • Sit

The Silver Puppy Plan provides solution to more behavioural issues that may arise in the future. It includes the benefits of the Bronze Pup (Socialization, Toilet Training, Puppy Nipping, Preventing Separation Anxiety) plus the below:

  • Preventing Resource Guarding: We will show you some simple exercises so that your puppy won’t feel the need to guard/protect any resources.
  • Jumping Up: It’s cute when they are still puppies, but this is a behaviour that a lot of people don’t appreciate and it is better for everyone that a dog knows how to calmly accept petting and attention
  • Sit: Teach your little puppy how to sit on cue and make your life easier. This is a cue that all dogs should know as it can be used in many situations in and out of home.

Puppies at this age are capable of absorbing a large amount of information like sponges, so being trained at this part of their lives is critical.

By choosing this plan, you will get:

  • A FREE online Meet & Greet where you will have the chance to get to know us and discuss any questions you may have
  • Continuous support (e-mail or phone) throughout the plan

Build Your Custom Plan

Find the cues of your interest and match them with your budget.

Artemis Gourgouli
Artemis Gourgouli


About the Trainer

My passion for dogs started since I was a little girl. My decision to get involved in dog training was first taken when I met a naughty boxer puppy that was not properly socialized and she was struggling to control her impulses. Now, with over 5 years of experience, I mainly train dogs in basic obedience but I’ve also worked with behaviour issues such as reactivity, fearfulness and aggression towards people and animals.
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