Why Do Dogs Eat Grass

There are plenty dog owners who might have seen their dog eating grass and some of them are actually worried about their little friend. This kind of behaviour seems bizarre to us but its quite common in the world of dogs. But why do they do it?

Dogs can eat grass for different reasons but finding out why your dog does this, it will help you deal with the behaviour.

Lack of Nutrition

A fairly widespread theory is associated with the lack of some basic nutrients in the dog’s food.

Dogs, frequently, like humans, do not eat good quality food, resulting in the absence of fibres that are necessary for the proper functioning of the organism.

You may consider changing your dog’s food into a better quality one. A diet rich in fibre, fruits and vegetables might help stop this behaviour.

Digestive Disorders

It’s been observed that if a dog has an upset stomach, he will probably resort to eating grass in order to relieve it.

Sadly, in most cases, dogs directly swallow the grass causing irritation to the throat and the stomach and resulting in vomiting.

Hereditary Habit

Many people believe that this characteristic has been acquired by their ancestors who used to hunt herbivore animals.

So, whenever they killed an animal they were also eating all the plant life that this animal had eaten earlier. Today’s dogs however may seek to eat grass for different reasons.

It is Tasty

Sometimes the cause behind a behaviour is just the simplest one. In this case, dogs might eat grass because they find it tasty or like its texture.

Whatever the reason your dog eats grass, you do not need to worry as long as he does it in normal context. Overconsumption is considered suspicious and it is advisable to contact your veterinarian.

Extra Tips:

  • Dangerous plants or grass sprayed with chemicals can damage your dog’s health. Pay attention to which areas you walk your dog.
  • Ask yourself whether this behaviour is due to boredom. If so, try to devote more quality time to your dog by going longer walks and providing him with interactive toys or puzzles that will keep him happy and engaged.

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