Advanced Puppy Training

Golden Pup
4 sessions

    • Socialization
    • Handling Exercises
    • Toilet Training
    • Nipping
    • Separation Anxiety
    • Jumping Up
    • Resource Guarding
    • Sit
    • Recall
    • Brain Exercises
    • Real-Life Training

This plan is suitable for puppies between 2-4 months old (maximum).

The Plan


Are you looking for something more practical and supportive for you and your little puppy? If you are a first-time owner or you just need a bit more guidance and help on how to raise a confident and easy-going dog, keep reading!

By choosing this plan, you will learn:

  • All the benefits from Cheerful Pup.
  • Sit: Teach your little puppy how to sit on cue and make your life easier. This is a cue that all dogs should know as it can be used in many situations in and out of home.
  • Recall: One of the most useful and lifesaving cues that your dog needs to know is to come back to you when called. A reliable recall can bring your dog back to you in an emergency situation and can also strengthen the relationship between you two.
  • Brain Exercises: This is an important aspect of your dog’s future life as the mental stimulation is vital for their brain development. Dogs who get bored and have excess energy tend to resort in undesirable behaviours such as barking, chewing, destructiveness or even developing compulsive disorders. These brain exercises are going to tire out your dog, exercise their mind, help them relieve stress, reduce boredom and keep them active and happy. Plus, they will give you a peace of mind knowing that you have met a crucial need on your dog’s routine.
  • Real-Life Training: The best part of this plan is that you will have the chance to take your puppy out with the presence, support and guidance of the dog trainer! We understand that you may feel a bit anxious when it’s time to introduce the puppy to the outside world that is why we will spend time together at your local park, neighbourhood or a place of your choice. We will show you how the proper socialization needs to be done and practice the cues in real life scenarios. Our goal is to make every single walk a beautiful experience for both of you.


Build Your Custom Plan

Find the cues of your interest and match them with your budget.

Artemis Gourgouli
Artemis Gourgouli


About the Trainer

My passion for dogs started since I was a little girl. My decision to get involved in dog training was first taken when I met a naughty boxer puppy that was not properly socialized and she was struggling to control her impulses. Now, with over 5 years of experience, I mainly train dogs in basic obedience but I’ve also worked with behaviour issues such as reactivity, fearfulness and aggression towards people and animals.
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